About this Blog

First I bought a domain so that I could use it for e-mailing – it also offers me a flexibility when it comes to email providers and so on. The website was an afterthought, really – at least in the beginning.

This is the third iteration of my website. The first one was a basic website hosted on GitHub pages with some information about me and so on. Then some service I used leaked some users info accidentally and I felt unconfortable having my information and picture readily available to all sorts of unsavory folks, so the second iteration was a website I created using flask hosted on a DigitalOcean droplet and it had a simple login page and my girlfriend and I were the only users (well, actually I was the only user, to be honest), and I did some little projects in python over there.

Eventually I got tired and made this one, which is again a simple GitHub pages static website, but with less personal info about me and this blog and so on.

In the blog itself I intend to write – admittedly, not very often – both in English and Portuguese (and maybe some other languages I studied in the past), about subjects that interest me.