Recently Warren Buffet, who is heavily invested in Apple, remarked he would buy more if it were cheaper.

That is exactly how I feel about it.

First I bought an iPhone. I didn’t expect much. But when I got used to it (really, a matter of a couple of hours) I came to the conclusion that all my previous phones (two Samsungs and one Google Nexus) were utter and complete garbage.

A couple of months ago I’ve been using the new MacBook Air, and I must say I’m quite impressed. It has been quite a while since I’ve seen this quality in a laptop — really, I’ve owned an Sony Vaio (back in the day when those were quite good), an ASUS and a Lenovo ThinkPad, and I’d take the MacBook any day.

I have been a Linux user since my first laptop — as soon as I got my own computer. Really, I have a burning, almost pathological hate for Windows. Can’t deal with it. I’ve used every flavour of Linux imaginable and even dabbled on BSDs.

My last setup was a simple xubuntu. Nothing fancy. No only-2000-lines-of-code crazy tiling windows Arch (was I ever that young?)

I have adapted very well to macOS. Now I get it why almost every Desktop environment tries to copy the macOS feel.

I supposed the point of this post was to rant a bit and to provoke the ire of the Windows folks. Also, take reviews with a grain of salt — many of them have an interest in convincing you one way or the other. Also, don’t get too hung up on the argument “Apple died with Jobs.” People have this weird affection for Steve Jobs. He was just some dude and perhaps quite far from perfect, and Apple is just as good — generally, CEOs are not really that important for a company.

Also, finally, don’t waste your life playing games.