The Fraktur

In what seems to be a long time ago, I was reading an interesting article about the fraktur.

I’m a bit obsessive about the fonts I use. One of my main regrets is that my masters’ dissertation was published in LaTeX’s default font, Computer Modern, a font that, as the years passed, I came to hate.

My PhD, on the other hand, I’m writing using Times New Roman. Can’t go wrong with it (I hope). This blog was written using Avenir Next (yes, you should view this site on a Mac) with the title in EB Garamond, but changed it to San Francisco, recently (in the first move of what should become a redefinition of the site).

Anyway, aside from the favicon (an F in LaTeX’s fraktur), I’m very much Roman maximalist.

Also, one funny thing in the article is that the sign on the bus has a tiny mistake.