We are waiting not for a Godot, but for another -- doubtless very different -- Hamann

« Because you wear the features of human ignorance and curiosity on your face, I will confess to you the identify of the two on whom I intend to perform, through your hands, this pious fraud. The first works on the philosopher’s stone like a friend of mankind who views it as a means to promote industry, bourgeois virtues, and the welfare of the common-wealth. I wrote for him in the mystical language of a sophist, because wisdom will always be the most hidden secret of political economy, even if alchemy succeeds to make all men rich, who by means of the fertile maxims of the Marquis de Mirabeau must soon (!) populate France. According to today’s plan of the world, the art of making gold remains, justly, the highest project and highest good of our statesmen.

The other would like to be as universal a philosopher and as good a Warden of the Mint as Newton was. No aspect of critical analysis is more certain than that which has been devised for gold ans silver. Therefore, the confusion in Germany’s coinage cannot be as large as the confusion which has stolen into the textbooks that are quite ordinarily found among us. We are lacking accurate conversion tables to determine how much of the prescribed intrinsic value an idea must have if it is to pass as truth, etc.

Since these lumps must not be chewed, but swallowed, like those the Cosmic family in Florence adopted on their coat of arms, they are not made for their taste. As far as their effects are concerned, it was because of a feeling similar to what they produce that Vespasian first learned to recognize the good fortune of your name and is said to have cried out on a stool that was not his throne: VTI PVTO, DEVS FIO! »